Wk 3: Classmate Interview: Pilar Garcia

Pilar also goes by the name Pily, she is a second year and her major is sociology. She graduated from Garfield high school and played soccer for the bulldogs. She is taking this class for GE requirements and really wants to be a social worker. She really enjoys working with kids and that is why she wants to become a social worker.

Pilar seems like a very nice and sweet person. She has a pretty big family with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Her favorite movie is A Walk to Remember and she enjoys soccer. Her favorite food and drink are spaghetti and lemonade and her favorite restaurant is olive garden. Her dream vacation is to go to Paris, and she loves to hangout with her friends. She use to work as a teachers aid but now is currently employed at Tutti Frutti. I enjoyed our conversation and it was really nice talking to her.