Month: February 2014

Wk 3: Classmate Interview: Pilar Garcia

Pilar also goes by the name Pily, she is a second year and her major is sociology. She graduated from Garfield high school and played soccer for the bulldogs. She is taking this class for GE requirements and really wants to be a social worker. She really enjoys working with kids and that is why she wants to become a social worker.

Pilar seems like a very nice and sweet person. She has a pretty big family with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Her favorite movie is A Walk to Remember and she enjoys soccer. Her favorite food and drink are spaghetti and lemonade and her favorite restaurant is olive garden. Her dream vacation is to go to Paris, and she loves to hangout with her friends. She use to work as a teachers aid but now is currently employed at Tutti Frutti. I enjoyed our conversation and it was really nice talking to her.


Wk 2: Classmate Interview: Bryan Humski

Bryan Humski is a 19 year sophomore business major from San Pedro, California. The crazy thing that most people will never get to experience is going to school with someone for every step of schooling. I have gone to school with Bryan since elementary school all the way to college. Bryan actually lived across the street from me and we use to hangout every single day. He moved out of the house about 3 years after we started hanging out but I would see him a lot at school.
Bryan enjoys to watch a lot of movies on Netflix and really likes music. He lives at home with both of his parents and he was the best at Super Smash Bros when we were younger. He also likes long walks on the beach and enjoys reading love novels, Twilight, 50 shades of grey etc. His favorite type of art is realistic art. Bryan is a pretty cool dude and is cool to be around.

Artist Interview #2: Patricia

Patricia seemed like a very nice and pleasant person to talk to. She was very easy going and very friendly. She graduated last semester and is an abstract artist. She takes on an unusual trait for being an artist which is being athletic. She loves to play ultimate Frisbee and played for a club team down in San Diego. Her inspiration are urban neighborhoods, and she goes into detail by saying how all the houses in neighborhoods look the same but every person in those houses are unique. Her favorite color is grey and she likes to work with wood. and the person that inspired her the most to become an artist was her Grandpa.