Month: January 2014

Wk: Classmate Interview: Jennifer Martinez


Jennifer Martinez is a 19 year old whose major is the same as mine, Pre Athletic Training, and lives in San Pedro. I have personally known Jenny for about 9 years, since we were in middle school. We have gone to the same middle school (Dodson), High school (San Pedro), and now college. We have been close ever since we met and she is a great person.

She has a nickname that I cant say because she will get mad but she is a sophomore and enjoys sports. Her favorite football team is the Indianapolis Colts and her favorite baseball team  are the Dodgers. Her best friends name is Amanda and are extremely close. In high school she was pretty popular and was really into volleyball. Deep down inside I always felt that she hated me but she denies it. Her dream job is to become an athletic trainer for the Indianapolis Colts even though they suck. She drives a white corolla and works at Jamba Juice. Jenny is one of my good friends and she is pretty cool.


Artist interview #1: Briana


Briana is a 29 year old undergraduate and the art that she produces is very unusual, but also unique in the same sense. Briana collects the clip twists off of bread and potatoes to make a big panoramic calendar categorized from the days and months of the year. At first when I walked in the gallery I did not take into consideration on how much time and dedication it takes to collect all of these seemingly meaningless things and putting them on display. Until I started talking with her and realized that her art is translating that we go by everyday not knowing the little things that are in our life and that we should stop and recognize as much as we can because it can impact our lives in a big way.